About Us

My name is George Dashiell, some call me Buddy. I am the owner of Tops by George, EZ2CY Virginia, and Buddy’s Marine. Here’s some background about myself and my employees:

I began working in upholstery back in 1962 with my uncle who maintained five shops in Portsmouth and Norfolk. I was mostly involved with automotive in that time period and some in furniture. From there I went to work at the local Ford plant for 12 years, off and on- and did furniture work in my garage. After getting laid off by the Ford plant In 1974, I started this boat canvas business- and I have been in it ever since. Over the years I have had the pleasure of meeting many great customers- some of which wrote letters that can be read on this website.

I’ve been an avid boater since 1974 when I bought a boat and started to get into the boating scene. As stated before, this is when I met my uncle Dagwood- he was my mentor and I tried to model a lot of what I did after him. Although I have not been heavily involved in the pursuit of awards- unbeknownst to me, I gained some notoriety from Chesapeake Bay Magazine as one of the top 10 boat canvas shops within the Chesapeake Bay area. This could only have been achieved through the gracious input of my customers. I would like to thank everyone for their support.

I focus on entailing an ethic of diligence and caring within my employees. But most importantly to show respect to our customers and consider what they have to say- whether or not they are big contract customers or small job customers.

We do any and all of upholstery, canvas, and frame work. I maintain the state of VA franchised- EZ2CY hard glass enclosures used on larger boats. I’ve serviced Lynnhaven Dry Storage Marina for over 30 years and Blue Water Yacht for around 20 years. I’ve worked for Atlantic yacht Basin and I’ve traveled up and down the state- even out of state- as deep as Carolina. And I’ve traveled as far up to the Northern part of Virginia, up the Potomac, Rapahanac, and the bodies of water located up there. From 1962 I have developed a lot of experience, servicing a large amount of territory.

Typically, we try to use the highest quality materials available to us- although I can work with you to achieve whatever is financially feasible to you. We are very much anticipating your business here at Tops by George and want to serve you and be apart of your boating experience.

With all my effort I try to maintain a good reputation with you- although I am certain I have let a few of you down in past years. As always, I will continue to serve to the best of my ability. I look forward to continue service to anyone we have served in prior years and to service any new patrons who would ask us to be apart of your boat life. I have developed a passion for boating over the years and love to get out on the water. I know what a boater expects, anticipates, and endures. Whether it be in rough seas, off shore, in shore- within every facet of boating- including sailing. Give us a call and we will certainly be willing to help.

Once again, thank you for all your support

See you on the docks!